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Antonio Amato

The passion for an ancient job that can molded soft and artistic forms by the hard stone, recalling the architecture of the noble buildings of the medieval Ravello.

Antonio Amato continues a craft tradition with dedication, by realizing high valuable stone, marble and tufa sculptures in his workshop at Palazzo della Mara, in Ravello historical center: finely carved portals, column with chiseled capital and artistic lintel, fireplaces, mortals, window sills, ornaments and reproduction of Greek, Roman and Medieval sculptures.

Inspired by the mullioned windows of Ravello Medieval buildings, since childhood Antonio Amato cultivated his passion for sculpture, following his father Mario on building sites; in the following years he specialized himself in restoration of historic monuments.

He worked at Villa Rufolo (entrance tower), Palazzo della Marra and Palazzo D’Afflitto (Hotel Caruso) in Ravello, Monastero Santa Rosa in Conca de’ Marini and the famous Arechi Castle in Salerno.

The incredible beauty of his works has pleasantly surprised even the master potter Manuel Cargaleiro who, during his stay on the Amalfi coast in April 2016, was literally conquered by Antonio Amato’s sculptures.

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